Have you been planning to move? Between hiring the movers and remodeling your new home, are you confused about how best to pack your precious jewelry?

These delicate items might come in small sizes. Packing them for a move is a huge concern for many. But here, we give you the best hacks to pack them.

Jewelry Packing Hacks For a Move

First, group your jewelry on the basis of their value and their proportions. Each category should be stored separately.

Precious Heirlooms

Make sure you store and label these valuables in inconspicuous boxes. Keep them on your person or take turns with your family members to carry them. These are the ones which bring you great loss when they get lost or misplaced.

Though it is a bit obvious, jewelry boxes work well for this purpose. You could wedge them in between other smaller items or cloths. Make sure it is convenient and doesn’t make the jewelry tangled. To buy precious items, visit our company website and check out the new gold and diamond jewelry.

Smaller Items

You can use straws or pill organizers to store your rings one by one. Other smaller items and rings can also be placed in egg cartons, one item in each cup. Finally, seal it with packing tape and label it neatly. Slide your delicate fancy necklaces into one end of a straw and secure it on the end to avoid tangles.

Or clasp all your necklaces through the egg cartons and wrap them all in bubble wraps. Similarly, you can also use toilet paper rolls for necklaces or bracelets. If you use trays and bowls to store your jewelry, you can seal them with plastic kitchen wraps.

Get Creative With Common Things

Mundane objects like buttons or business cards also can be used to keep your belongings safe. Chandelier earrings and other dangling pieces are more prone to get into tangles. You need to keep each of those sets in separate boxes.

Sheets of Foam

Buttons can help with this as they provide an easy and cheap solution. Stick the earrings through the buttonholes, secure them at the back and you are good to go. You can do the same with a foam sheet or a business card. Just poke some holes in the business cards and slide the necklaces through them. Stick a tape at the back to prevent tangles.

Ziploc Bags

Having done all the above, you wouldn’t just club them together and shove in your bags. When you are on the move, it is important to keep the delicate pieces of jewelry unstrung. Otherwise, they easily get entangled.

Straws, pill organizers, business cards and other smaller storage items can be put in separate bigger bags. Sandwich bags and Ziploc bags work effectively for this purpose. These snack-size bags or cloth pouches can be reused later for other storage.

Before you move, make sure to take photos of all your jewelry and upload to the cloud, like Dropbox, Google Drive or other such services. Maintaining a record of your fine jewels will also keep you alert. You can double check while packing, which prevents you from leaving something behind. For precious jewelry, get an appraisal from a professional.

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