Old Jewelry: From Outdated to Outstanding!

So, you've inherited a loved one's old jewelry ...and it has been tucked away ever since. It's not your style. It needs repair. Maybe, you'll save it for your daughter one day...Or grand-daughter. If the style of those estate & antique jewelry pieces don't appeal to you, they probably aren't going to appeal to someone [...]

Old Jewelry: From Outdated to Outstanding!2019-02-20T15:29:30-06:00

Courtesy Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

"I wear my Ring Everyday, so why is a Jeweler's Inspection Recommended?" Everyday is the keyword. When worn daily, especially 24/7, the wearer just doesn't notice potential problems. At Cummings Jewelry Design, being a jeweler known for repair & design, we can spot potential problems quickly during a courtesy cleaning and inspection. Countless activities during [...]

Courtesy Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection2019-01-28T12:29:11-06:00
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