So, you’ve inherited a loved one’s old jewelry …and it has been tucked away ever since. It’s not your style. It needs repair. Maybe, you’ll save it for your daughter one day…Or grand-daughter.

If the style of those estate & antique jewelry pieces don’t appeal to you, they probably aren’t going to appeal to someone else years from now either. OR, you can let us here at Cummings Jewelry Design re-create that old jewelry into something new just for YOU or a special occasion for that family member.

Your loved one would rather you wear their sentimental piece, letting it bring back memories of them, rather than leaving it tucked away in a dark, lonely box.

Life is too short not to enjoy the new sparkles that can be created from that outdated jewelry. Cummings Jewelry Design can show you how your old jewelry can be TRANSFORMED and filled with new life for a loved one or yourself!

We are very sentimental here at Cummings Jewelry Design. We have created many lovely new designs from “that old jewelry I’ll never wear” and our clients have been thrilled with the results!

At Cummings Jewelry Design, we take extra care to preserve the memories within each piece of jewelry we re-design. Old watches can become amazing bracelets! Old bar pins become gorgeous necklaces or pearl clasps! That 3.00 carats total weight diamond “cocktail ring” can become several diamond necklaces, (diamonds by the yard), stackable bands, earrings or wedding bands!

Old cameo pins can be modified to be worn as necklaces, updated to be worn casually on leather cording. A loved one’s old wedding band can be polished, and 1 or more gemstones set in the center, becomes a sentimental & eye catching pendant! The possibilities are limitless and we at Cummings Jewelry Design will listen to your wishes and offer you great options!

As designers AND repair techs, we can advise you if a piece can be safely worn as is, or if a new design is recommended. We can remove any stones ON-SITE, so you can rest assured your piece is safe. The value of the worn mountings are credited at TODAY’s trading prices for gold and platinum, so you may be surprised at what your “old jewelry I’ll never wear” is worth!

So bring your old outdated jewelry to us at Cummings Jewelry Design and together, we will create custom jewelry pieces that will be enjoyed for generations!