By Birmingham’s Custom Jewelry Designers

Are you longing to create the perfect, one-of-a-kind engagement ring that tells the woman you love there’s no one like her in the world? Or do you want a mother’s ring with all the family birthstones in a unique setting? Maybe you have inherited a ring that has beautiful stones in a setting that is outdated or just doesn’t match your personality. Remembering important life events or celebrating a special moment are other reasons for wanting a custom piece. A birth, graduation, job promotion or special anniversary are all great times to give a custom designed gift. Or perhaps you just want us to create something fabulous that you have imagined but can’t find in any store.

Personalized Custom Jewelry

Whatever your reason for wanting custom jewelry, your search for the right Birmingham, Alabama jewelers to create your custom designs is over. Look no further – Cummings Jewelry Design offers the finest selection of custom jewelry in Birmingham. Our stunning pieces have satisfied many clients and earned us a loyal following. For almost forty years, Cummings Jewelry Design has created custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry for our clientele.

Custom made jewelry can be created from scratch by matching a unique setting with the stones of your choice, or we can create something from elements of jewelry you already own. One of our clients had several outdated jewelry pieces she had not worn in years. Using some of her diamonds along with some of ours, our design team made this gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring, just for her! Using various items from the jewelry she brought to us, we created a beautiful new ring! Now our client has a conversation piece that is beautiful for any occasion. We would love to do the same for you!

Custom Jewelry Design Birmingham, Alabama

Rings are not the only kind of jewelry that can be customized, although they are the most popular. Over half of our custom design requests are for rings. However, we can also create custom designs for several other types of jewelry too. One popular request is for our inside out hoop earrings. You can celebrate and commemorate any occasion with these exciting custom pieces, and they are also a great way to express and celebrate your own unique style. Custom made jewelry also makes a wonderful gift, since your loved one will have something special that you had designed just for them. If you are curious about what can be created, come by and look at some of our customized pieces.

We will also meet with you to find out what you would like to have created, answer your questions and give you our own creative suggestions. Working together and with an understanding of what you desire, we can create something truly unique and special just for you or your loved one!

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