Are you looking for gold buyers in Birmingham, Alabama? We can work with you and buy your gold right here at Cummings Jewelry Design. Why go elsewhere when you can come to the neighborhood jewelry store that you depend on for all your jewelry needs?

Clutter builds up in everyone’s life, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, even in our drawers and jewelry boxes. But the good news is that you can declutter your jewelry space and get some money for your gold jewelry. Do you have some broken necklaces that you don’t want to bother having repaired, or maybe some gold cufflinks you haven’t worn since payphones were still in service? Or maybe you have some jewelry from a relationship that has ended, and it’s too valuable to just throw or give away, but you don’t want to wear it anymore. At Cummings Jewelry Design, we understand, and we will be fair and honest with you about what the gold in your jewelry is worth.

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How much your gold is worth depends on several things. One of the factors is how pure the gold is, which is described by how many karats it is. Although the words sound alike, a gold karat is different than a diamond carat. Instead of measuring weight like a diamond carat, a gold karat measures purity. Usually gold jewelry is marked with the karat number, such as 10kt or 18kt. Pure gold, which is 24 kt, is rarely used for jewelry because it is too soft; other metals must be mixed in for practical reasons. Another factor is how much the gold weighs, since it is priced by the ounce. And a third factor is the current market value of gold in the world market. This can vary from day to day, although fluctuations are usually gradual. Since market price affects what we are able to make from reselling the gold, it affects what we are able to pay you when we buy your gold.

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When you bring your jewelry in, we will assess it to see how much gold you have and offer you a price for your gold. If you are happy with the price and can provide identification, then we will buy the gold from you with payment to you in the form of a check. Regulations require us to document who we are buying the gold from, and the rules also do not let us pay in cash. We always follow the highest ethical and regulatory standards, which is one more reason to trust us with your business.

Gold Buyers Birmingham, Alabama

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