There’s no denying that we fall hard for latest jewelry trends. And the latest trend (and a one that is here to stay) is of repurposing your old jewelry, specifically old diamonds. This jewelry is called “upcycled” and can help you be creative with new ideas.

There can be many diamond items you own that you simply got bored of or they were inherited from a relative and you don’t want to wear them. Create new and exciting jewelry pieces out of the old ones. Whether it is an old ring, necklace, brooch or even earrings, they can all be altered and made into statement pieces that are custom designed.

Since these diamonds have been repurposed, you can carry forward the sentimental value they hold for you without having to exchange them for another piece. This is a great way to add new jewelry pieces to your collection, while also saving money by not buying new jewelry.

Here are some ideas for you to use when thinking of reusing old diamonds.

A simple necklace

If you have a single big diamond, you can pick a minimal bezel setting to surround it. Another option would be to get a plain chain and turn the diamond into a pendant that will look amazing and timeless.

Put a ring on it

Rings are an eternal jewelry item and they are never enough. Whether you like wearing them singularly, stacking them up, or wearing a ring on each finger, they are a great way to accessorize. Diamond rings add class and elegance to any outfit and occasion.

Choose a simple ring with a single big diamond or a setting of multiple diamonds from an old jewelry piece, and create a custom designed statement ring.

For your arms

Bracelets make great heirloom pieces that can be passed on through generations. Create a single solitaire bracelet with a delicate chain in silver, gold, or rose gold color for an elegant finish. Another great idea is to use a link chain. You can create a charm bracelet using the diamond as well as other commemorative charms. This can hold special meaning and give the jewelry a personal touch.

Choose a brooch

Maybe you’re not interested in wearing diamond jewelry all the time but want to repurpose a diamond that’s close to your heart. Why not turn it into a pin or a brooch? You can wear it with a jacket or on a sweater, and give it a modern twist.

With such simple and versatile ideas, you can easily reuse your old diamonds and create something new for generations to come! Contact us today and we’ll turn your old jewelry into timeless pieces.