Jewelry is one of the most precious and cherished items a person has in their home. However, there are times when our valued gems can be easily forgotten, misplaced, or neglected. Over time, as we acquire more jewelry we can sometimes forget how to best store them and simply keep them where we find most convenient. When you become a jewelry lover, it is best to become familiar with proper storage and safekeeping.

Truthfully though, even those who are avid collectors of jewelry have the accidental slip up and let a piece become misplaced, lost, or broken. Some of the most beautiful pieces are tiny bits of jewelry, which can go missing no matter how hard you try to keep them safe. For this reason, it can really help to adopt a few simple jewelry storage ideas and tips so that you can keep the jewelry safe and store all items in an orderly manner.

Jewelry Storage Basics

Properly arranging and storing  jewelry isn’t just about putting it in a box for safe-keeping. It is also about managing your pieces without letting them rot somewhere out of sight. If you have older gold or diamond jewelry, there is a greater risk they could break or simply wear out over time. If you find yourself suffering from a crowded jewelry drawer, you could be scratching and tarnishing your precious metals ahead of their time.

Possibly consider a simple solution such as a corkboard on your wall for earrings and necklaces. Another idea might be to employ a slotted or partitioned storage container for your rings or other smaller delicate pieces. A quick search online will lead you to dozens of creative and stylish ideas to store and display your best pieces. This way, you know you’re valuables are clean, safe, and ready whenever you need them (or just want to admire them).

Just In Case…

However, even your finest and rarest gems don’t always hold the same glimmer and appeal forever. Truth be told, some of them you may not have liked that much to begin with. Fortunately, there is always the option to have your jewelry redesigned or sold. This helps you two-fold by keeping your drawers clean and helping you replace your old jewelry with new items. Of course, you should always be conscious before going to any store. In some cases, your gold could be mixed or replaced with some other material when someone is claiming to “repair” or “restore” it. Just as bad, you might even get less money for your precious materials from a less reputable dealer.

How We Can Help

Luckily for you, Cummings Jewelry Design has been providing their highly professional and creative services to Birmingham for the past four decades.  They are the best gold and diamond jewelry buyers, sellers, and designers in the community. You can safely rely on their services and top-notch customer care and service. They guarantee that even if you’re not interested in buying or selling that day, you can simply ask them about the market value of your jewelry and other details. So remember, take care of your jewelry as best you can. But if you don’t, it always has a second chance in professional hands.