The Risks of Wearing Your Ring 24/7: A Closer Look

We understand the sentimental value your ring holds and the desire to keep it on your finger at all times. However, wearing your ring constantly is not in the best interest of its condition. Let’s examine the risks of wearing your ring 24/7 and why it’s advisable to give your ring a break.


Just like rotating tires on a car, the same principle applies to your ring. Your hands perform numerous tasks throughout the day, which can cause damage and wear down the band. Activities like housework, yard work, and exercising apply pressure that can potentially chip or break a stone, even diamonds. Moreover, prongs, designed to keep stones secure, may snag, pull away from the stone, or break. If this happens, there is a risk of losing the stone altogether. Additionally, activities involving pressure can lead to hairline cracks in the band, which often go unnoticed until it’s too late.


To safeguard your ring, it’s important to develop the habit of removing it during these activities. Find a designated place, such as a zippered jewelry pouch in your purse, where you can safely store your ring. Remember to take it off before bedtime as well. Sleeping with your ring can cause swelling, resulting in a tighter fit the next day.


Wearing your ring 24/7 is especially problematic in today’s context, where hand hygiene is of utmost importance due to COVID-19. Regular handwashing, using hand sanitizer, and applying lotion leave residue that accumulates between your ring and finger over time. This buildup can lead to infections. It’s worth noting that certain stones, like opals and all green gemstones, can be harmed by soap and sanitizer.


Medical professionals tell us for your safety, you need to be able to remove your rings easily.  Some medical procedures, sudden allergic reactions, or even a fall can cause hand swelling. In such situations, if your ring cannot be removed quickly, it becomes an emergency, and the ring may need to be cut off, rendering the mounting irreparable.


In summary, it is unhealthy to wear your ring 24/7. It’s recommended to have your ring inspected by a local jeweler twice a year, as many jewelers provide this service as a courtesy. If your ring feels too snug, consider getting it sized to ensure a comfortable fit.


Taking these precautions will not only preserve the condition of your ring but also help protect your health and ensure its longevity.